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Important announcement

2 years have passed since Nokia Store was closed and 2 years since the last version of MeeBible was released. Sad to say, but in modern world such a long time without updates means that software is effectively dead.

But website that is needed for MeeBible to work is still running. This site hosts all Bible translations that MeeBible downloads for reading on smartphones. Hosting of the site costs around $70/year or $5.80/month.

I think it would be a good test for whether MeeBible is still needed by people: if your donations will be able to cover operational costs of then it will continue to live. If you continue to use MeeBible please consider making a donation to support its infrastructure. MeeBible have always been free, so if it was useful for you, please support it with your "two mites" (Mark 12:43).

Sincerely yours,
    Ilya Skriblovsky


With MeeBible you can read God's Word everywhere with your phone. Bible texts are downloaded on the fly from the web and cached for further reading. You can also download whole Bible translation via Wi-Fi network and read it offline.

MeeBible supports 85 Bible translations in 56 languages. See the full list.

Full-text unicode-aware search is supported. You can find Bible places by phrase or character's name.

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